Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mexican Street Food

Torta with Marinated Flap Steak

I can still remember my first encounter with Mexican street food. It was in Baja with my ex brother in-law "AKA Indiana Jones." We were at a tiny roadside stand in the middle of nowhere. After a harrowing drive at about 100 miles an hour on a one lane highway( if you can call it that) it was more like trail they call a road.
I had a Torta. A soft Bolilos roll filled to the brim with tender grilled steak. Slathered with hot sauce and various accoutrement's. Oh my god, just describing it puts me right back there with the sights, sounds, smells.... the whole deal.

We have many amazing Latino markets where we live. One happens to be exceptional. It is quite an excursion and you can find anything Mexican imaginable. If you want to make truly authentic Mexican dishes a great market is key.

We made these with Flap steak (mark my words this is the new Hanger steak). This is a very thin cut from the flank. In the more upscale restaurants you will find it called Bavette, which is really the french term for the way it is cut. I guess it sounds a little better than Flap. My husband informs me that it only needs 3-4 minutes a side on the grill. It's a very tasty little piece of meat and I can image many other uses for it.
Oaxaca cheese: this is a cows milk cheese with mild acidity, low salt intensity and a somewhat soft texture. Grilled onions and peppers with tomatoes and cilantro. Enjoy with an ice cold beer or a manderine Jarritto.

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