Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gerard's Mustard Tart-French Fridays with Dorie

Gerard's French Tart-Week Two

David Lebovitz would say in France tarts are not considered special occasion fare. Nor are they in my home. I have to say I do make a lot of tarts and quiches... but I always cheat and use a store bought crust. It does make for quick work in preparing dinner.

But for French Fridays, I of course, made my own crust. Ha Ha!!! Flour and butter everywhere. The counter, the floor, possibly even the ceiling. I had to break out the Dustbuster. It was lol funny. I looked like a mad scientist, making this easy spot of dough. Lordy!!!

I took Dories advice (obviously I don't bake) to make the dough ahead of time and freeze the tart in the tart pan so I could just pull it out and cook...That I can do. I know that the French view entertaining as a joy not a chore and freezing the dough really helped with my attitude. In fact I made two batches. One for next time.

At first glance this tart reminds me of a sunflower or a bicycle all gussied up for a parade. It's not only a feast for the eyes but also a celebration for the palette.
Okay, I'm a convert. I will never and I say NEVER buy store bought crust again. The crust was so flaky and buttery. The tart was light. There was a little kick from the mustard and the lovely veggies that had sunk to the bottom filled the entire tart with the soft flavor of the leeks and carrots. Truly a wonderful recipe. Thanks Dorie and Gerard. I wish I could visit Gerard and Sylvie's Bed and Breakfast. But I can dream...

I can imagine all the sweet and savory tarts lined up in the patisserie windows in France. How beautiful and festive they all would look...and somehow it makes me want to slow down.

You know the French...they have the art of enjoying friends, family and the present down to a skill. My mother was French and Boy could she ever enjoy life. She took the time to savor it All.

La Joie de Vivre is something I will need to perfect in this lifetime.

I encourage anyone who is enjoying the Friday recipes to purchase Dorie Greenspan's newest cookbook Around my French Table.



  1. Ha! love your description of making the crust. I too, used to use store bought crust until I read the list of toxic ingredients and then saw Dorie's list of simple flour, butter, egg, ice water and knew I had to make the switch - despite the mess, it was a success so I'm never turning back!

  2. Your tart is lovely and I love the comparison to an bicycle. I make a complete mess when making crust too!

  3. My crust was certainly messy too! How come I never think ahead and use my freezer? Now I'm going to have to make a mess again! Its fun to be on this journey with you!

  4. You better bring me some of that tart this weekend, Beth! It looks so beautiful and delicious, I could practically taste it from your description. Vive la France.

  5. Your tart is beautifully! Your crust looks perfect! The French really do know how to live, don't they?

  6. (Beautiful, not beautifully! LOL.)

  7. I agree...I am a homemade crust convert too.

  8. What a lovely post and your tart is beautiful! The tart dough is wonderful, isn't it?!

  9. Beautiful tart- I enjoyed your post!

  10. Okay, you've convinced me... I've gotten to the point with crusts that I figure store bought is as good as anything I can make. Of course, I know better, but your description of the difference reminded me of that fact!

    I'm enjoying your blog, Beth-- great variety so something for everybody. I'm going to try your tortilla soup next!